Class of 2018 - Web Design/ Visual Communications Grads

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Gabrielle Fung

Graphic Designer

Simon Yee

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Coralee Sopher

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Writer

Carina Sartor-Pielak

Visual Design and Illustration

Camille Ducusin

Graphic Designer

Anna Ha

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Shrishti Sharma

A web and application developer and designer who likes building things for people to use

Yoppy Ho

Graphic & Web Designer

Steven Steinwand

A multi talented web and application developer with exceptional design knowledge.

Kat Karén

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Jacky Chan

Graphic Designer

Sarih Muth

Graphic Designer

Nicole Jensen

Web Designer/Developer

Leanne Klimek

Design & Development

Sara Jeong

Graphic Designer

Kelly Haggstrom

Problem Solver & Learner

Dansemak Igga

Front-end and Back-end Web Developer

Glenn Atyeo

Web Design, User Interface, User Experience

Tyler Melnychuk

Graphic Designer, Typographer, Wildcard

Cassidy Pittman

Digital Solutions Architect (I make websites.)

Hanah Le

Graphic Designer

Robin Derkatz

Traditional & Digital Artist - graphics, illustration, logo design, video editing, photography

Jeanna Monfiero

Creative Designer

Morgan Pomroy

Web Designer & Developer